Payment Page



    This is a contract between you and Computer SOS, Inc. (“CSOS”) to set up your automatic recurring  payment program. Please verify that all information provided is complete and accurate before  electronically signing this agreement.  

    Frequency of Payments 

    An automatic recurring payment will be made on a monthly basis consisting of the CP-Commerce Monthly  Hosting fee and the CP-Commerce Monthly Processing percentage fee, described as Subscription(s)  immediately preceding this document. Processing will generally take place between the first and third of  the month. You will not receive any advance notice of this payment, but you will receive a post-payment  confirmation email following all automatic recurring payments.  

    Automatic Recurring Payment Failure 

    If your automatic recurring payment is declined or unable to be processed for any reason, you will be  contacted by phone or email. It is your responsibility to notify CSOS in advance of any change in credit  card information. In the event any payment is not made and you do not make the required payment by the  end of your billing cycle, your service may be suspended.  


    By providing my credit card information and clicking the “I AGREE TO TERMS AND CONDITIONS”  button, I am electronically signing and, I AGREE that I have read and understand this Agreement. In  addition, I authorize CSOS to charge the full amount required by my CP-Commerce Subscription(s). This  authority will remain in effect until I give notification, in writing, to, to  terminate this authorization; provided, however, that no termination of authorization will relieve me of any  obligation to pay amounts already due. I represent and warrant that I have full authority to enter into this  Agreement and to make the representations herein. 
     Once payment has been processed, and hardware / software / service provided, or scheduled, or progress work begun, customer has then received product and payment is not refundable.
     NOTE: Credit card transactions will be processed through Computer SOS, Inc., and will read this way on your credit card statement.