Desktop Computing

Managed Network Services

We provide our customers with remote, enterprise-wide network infrastructure management and monitoring. We take full responsibility of your day-to-day network operations and maintenance.

Our comprehensive managed network services include:

  • Network discovery and analysis
  • Trouble reporting and resolution
  • Trend usage analysis and capacity planning
  • Network security management

Digital Data Transformation

Analyzing IT services

Network Managed Services


Various infrastructure components such as firewalls, routers, switches and load balances need to be monitored and managed to ensure they are working properly and not creating performance problems.

However, watching online dashboards and dealing with false alarms is not an effective way to utilize your IT resources. That’s why Computer SOS Inc managed services offers comprehensive network monitoring and management services.

Lowering Costs Through Hosted and Managed Services


In today’s economy, every dollar saved and every dollar earned counts more than ever. As such, every IT activity needs to be justified to find funding and support.

For every IT project analysis, decision-makers should include an in-house versus service provider cost comparison. Although the benefits of hiring specialists are evident, IT leaders should ask questions and evaluate all costs before undertaking any strategic IT initiative.