Inventory Management

  • Centralized inventory with one SKU and centralized Barcodes
  • Multiple Barcodes per items (which will also help in conversion items from your current system to the CounterPoint System, as well as eliminate the internal cost of re-tagging items)
  • Mass retail and price changes
  • Physical Counts by inventory sheets, or hand held data collectors
  • Invoice – electronic packing-slip matching (vouchering) … increases accuracy of item cost analysis

Inventory Sales Enhancement tools for the Retail Industry

  • Item notes for sales information at the POS for communication for sales
  • Substitute item suggestion
  • Selective specialized care triggering defined per item
  • Create Kits
  • Sale pricing capabilities including
    • Mix and match codes
    • By Customer group
    • Automatic staff purchase prices
    • Vendor
    • Item
    • Item category and user defined profile codes
  • Special limited time automatic promotions

Special Order Management

  • Selling of non-stocked or sold out items
  • A customer sale can generate a PO, then emailed to vendor
    • Can be combined with automatic reorder items to save on shipping costs
  • Upon receipt of item, receiver can be notified, and either trigger the sale rep or the client directly
  • At all stages of the process, the sale rep can monitor the progress at the POS till with ETA date and status information

Integrated PO Module

  • Automatic reorder program, initiated
    • By Location specific min/max
    • Suggested stock based on historic sales, with seasonal variables
    • Location specific order models
  • Drop ship capabilities
  • Multi-currency purchasing factoring
    • Exchange rate
    • Landed costs
    • Duties

Reportable and Searchable Inventory Categories

  • Category + Subcategory
  • Season Codes
  • Theme codes
  • Merchandising codes
  • Date codes

Reporting (uses Crystal Reports)

Over 2000 reports

  • Vendor analysis
  • Item analysis
  • Using 28 user definable codes (more available if needed)
  • Inventory tracking
  • Inventory consolidation
  • Sales Rep performance, including commissions
  • Gross Margin by size reports
  • Inventory Value (as at any Historical Date) – by summary or by any item detail you track
  • Employee Time clock tracking
  • All reports can be customized by the client, or can be commissioned to RMS to modify or create

Customer Management

  • Critical profile codes
    • Contact tracking information
    • Key Demographics, such as age, profession, company
  • Searchable by address, phone number, spouse
  • Extensive customer notes
    • Allows uploads of PDF documents
    • Prescriptions
    • Measurements
    • Automatic notes can be triggered for sales reps when pulling up customer
      • Used for fraud and customer service
  • Accounts Receivable Module
    • Provide complete AR statements (Balance Forward or Open Item)
    • Charge Interest on statements
    • Aged A/R Reporting (as at any Historical Date) – by Summary or Customer Detail

G/L Integration

  • Counterpoint creates journal entries for all activities (posted to user defined accounts)
  • Integrations exist to most book keeping packages
  • CounterPoint adheres to GAAP rules

Loyalty Program

  • User defined loyalty programs that defines
  • Points redemption values
  • Points earning defined by item or item category
  • Special limited time automatic promotions

Point of Sale System

  • Full customizable touch screens
  • Multiple payment types
  • Customer history access
  • Layaways, Orders, Backorders
  • Gift Registry
  • Gift Card Tracking
  • Credit Note Tracking
  • Credit Card integration
  • Canadian Penny rounding
  • Marketing profile tracking

Integrated E-Mail Marketing

  • Set and Forget campaigns
    • Welcome to the store
    • Loyalty points statements
    • Birthday promotions
  • Sales & Promotions
    • Triggered based on
    • Items
    • Vendors
    • Inventory Categories
    • Location
    • Customer profile codes
  • Campaign results – can get actual sales amounts for given campaigns so you can identify how effective an email campaign was, who opened the emails, etc.

Text Alerts

  • Customer Service
  • Operations Management
  • Fraud alerts


  • CounterPoint POS integration to Magento with CP-Commerce
  • Ensures orders are filled accurately


  • Centrally coordinated by warehouse, or managed by stores
  • Can be initiated by a customer sale
  • Transferred by transfer sheets, hand-held scanners, USB, or electronic for product verification and shrinkage control
  • Simultaneous transfer feature is also available where transfer out and transfer in are instantly updated


  • 3rd Party billing
  • Custom items/Customer order tracking
  • Price packaging
  • Integrated notes
  • Insurance reports
  • etc.


  • Allows for future customization as your grow and your needs change